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Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

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June 27, 2018
Meetings are currently held at Family Bowlaway Fun Center
540 Fairground Hill Road Butler, PA 16001

Meetings start at 6:30pm till 9:00pm.

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Possible UFO Landing?
We Are Not Alone!!!
UFO Incident In Oakland Township Butler Pennsylvania
March 1990
To the north, in the rolling hills of Butler County, On 63 acres that used to
be farm land. Now it's become a playground for dirt bikers and
motorcyclists who trespass and run trails through the woods and over
the fields. Even when the weather is cold, the rough road gets its share of
lovers and drinkers.

It was on the afternoon of March 8th 1990, that some cyclists pulled in and
continued the drinking they'd started elsewhere. They swear today that
what they saw had nothing to do with alcohol. And all they will ever say they
saw was this: An object or maybe more than one object came out of the
sky. They left. Fast. That night, word reached a local bar that something
strange happened up on the hill. One man was so curious that around
midnight he drove to the area and, by the light of his car headlights, he
found a series of rings burned into the grass. He says that his hair literally
stood straight up on end. The nine marks in the ground were more oval
than circular, and each was about eight feet wide. The blackened grass
seemed slippery to the touch, not brittle, and there was no burnt smell.

Within a few days, investigators went to the site. Just as the daylight was
fading, a strange light could be seen in the darkening sky. Some stars were
already out in the fairly clear evening. The strange light to the east was not
a star. Nor did it look like an airplane. At first the object could be seen
through the trees. When the object reached the tree line it became
stationary. It was definitely not an airplane or helicopter.

Witnesses began videotaping the hovering object. They called it a UFO
because any flying object that is not readily identified is entitled to that
terminology. Witnesses describe the UFO as being nearly twenty times
larger than a star. It had an intense yellowish light with pinkish orange
hues. It bounced slightly up and down and appeared to wobble slightly. It
hovered at the tree line until 7:34pm, seemed to blink out for a second,
then it came back on. It quickly diminished in size and brightness. The
object appeared to look somewhat like a child's top encircled by a ring. It
appeared to spin and hover. It was later determined that it was not a
conventional type of aircraft, nor a small planet.

The question still remains: What was it?
This story isn't science fiction. The circles were examined and
photographed. The flying object was observed by at least eight people and
videotaped on three camcorders. The incident was unusual enough that
the videotape was later shown in a segment of the television show, "A
Current Affair."

The fact is, worldwide, there are thousands of sightings of unexplained
phenomena every year — everything from Bigfoot to crop circles to UFOs.
And the sightings tend to be consistent. Saucer sightings from around the
world are often remarkably similar in detail. Are they hallucinations?
Hysteria? Results of an electromagnetic field?
Fanciful scenarios concocted by people seeking attention? Misunderstood
natural phenomena'? All are possibilities, but there are still many cases
that simply don't appear to have any explanation, at least none that
coincides with what we consider normal behavior.
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