The Butler Paranormal  Conference "2018"
Many Photos of the Event will be posted soon.
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The Butler Organization For Research Of The Unexplained


The Center For Unexplained Events

Held our 11th Annual Butler Paranormal Conference

April 28, 2018 At The Tanglewood Senior Center

The Event Ran From 10:00am Until 7:00pm

Scheduled Speakers included:  
Patty Wilson - Paranormal Forensics  
Rick Fisher - The Carbondale UFO Incident And
The 1967 Harrisburg UFO Flap,
The Psychic Vincent Sisters - Missing And Homicide Cases, And
Ghost Stories, Haunted Places
A Gallery Reading from Steve Ward -
High Strangeness,  Past And Present
Leah Madden - Vampires

ALIENS      BIGFOOT       UFO's        GHOST's
Learn The Truth, We Are Not Alone,

We also had many Vendors, Book Signings, Door Prizes, Raffles and
much more.

Guests who attended the 11th Annual Paranormal Conference had
their Photo Taken With The Men In Black