The Following are just some of the sightings that have been Investigated or
Reported in the Past.

Dan Hageman of the Butler Organization For Research of the Unexplained
(BORU) in Butler County, PA. Investigated the following sightings.

September 13, 2004 - 8:25 PM
Witnessed ship that had a Mercedes like logo above Harleysville, PA

Witness saw lights above arranged similar to a Mercedes logo, though the
witness could not see the shape of the ship. The lights appeared to be
approximately 2 miles above the 20 miles ground distance. A friend also
witnessed the lights as well but discounted it, claiming it must be a plane. When
the friend went inside the lights came closer at a rapid rate (1/2 mile away ground
distance), stayed at the same altitude, made a sharp 45 degree turn, hovered in
place for 20 seconds, until the lights went off..

The witness stated that they don't believe in UFOs, but what could it of been?
It wasn't a blimp, or a helicopter because they can't travel at the high rate of
speed or make sharp turns, plus they must keep their navigation lights on at all  

September 6, 2004 - At approximately 4:45 PM  

The following sighting was reported by a family traveling on Interstate 79, they
spotted a Y shaped white/silver craft above the tree-line. It was making
unbelievable circular maneuvers

They were traveling northbound on Interstate 79 north of Pittsburgh on Sept. 6,
(Labor Day) 2004. Traffic was heavy. As they crested the hill past the Evan City
entrance to I 79 they spotted a Y shaped white/silver craft above the tree-line
west of the highway. At first they thought it was some sort of remote controlled
airplane because it was making unbelievable circular maneuvers above and within
the tree-line. However, it seemed too large (over an inch in size) to be a radio
controlled toy airplane. Also, the Y shape was unlike any aircraft they have ever
seen. The air show lasted for less than 20 seconds. They lost sight of the craft for
approximately 15 seconds as they were traveling about 70 mph.

After they began to descend down into the valley towards the Zelienople exit, they
saw what was believed to be the same craft traveling in a straight pattern at a
high rate of speed east by north east toward the Evan City - Butler area. The craft
was approximately 45 degrees above the horizon. At this height, the craft was
about 1/2 inch in length. The family was surprised at the speed and size of this

After they got home everyone drew a picture of what they saw, they then
compared the pictures. Each one was Y -shaped - similar to a Mercedes Logo.

If this was an experimental plane (remote controlled or otherwise)and not a UFO,
it was certainly beautiful to look at and remarkable to watch. It would have been
very difficult to make circular patterns above and into this heavily forested and hilly
terrain next to the highway.

The sky was blue with some clouds, and the Y shaped craft really stood out. It
should have been visible to many people on the highway. I would be very curious
to know if anyone else traveling on the highway at that time of day happened to
catch the airshow stated the witness.

May 7, 1998 - a low level UFO incident that occurred.

A Butler County farmer was riding his tractor doing some late night planting of a
corn field at
3:30 AM Three hundred yards away he noticed brilliant lights near a
wheat field. At first he became upset thinking that someone was driving through
the wheat. He realized the object was moving about four feet above the ground. It
was 30 to 40 feet long and about five feet in height. The object was a dark color
and was hovering over his wheat field. It was domed shaped in the front with a
lights, but the structure thinned out towards the back and rounded off. Towards
the front section of the object, there were five to six lights along the edge on both
sides. There was also five lights on either side near the rear of the object. The
square shaped lights were very bright orange, blue and light pink. The lights
seemed to pulsate on and off, but never cut out completely. The entire object
appeared to be surrounded in a vapor or gas. As the witness was turning to make
another pass of the field, he began to have problems with his tractor. The engine
began to sputter, but did not stop. A monitor on the tractor used for corn planting
made a constant beeping noise and had to be shut down. As the farmer watched,
the object moved in a straight line, barely clearing the tree tops estimated at 60
feet high. Then suddenly the object appeared to evaporate into thin air. There are
high tension power-lines in the vicinity. Soil samples are being analyzed in a local

Butler County has had UFO events since the late 1960's.

Fall 1996 - Unexplained rumblings reported

Over the years loud vibrations and rumblings have occurred in various sections of
Pennsylvania. Sometimes these sounds have been explained as the result of sonic
booms, distant storms, or other natural causes, but some remain unexplained. The
BORU Journal, No.2 Fall 1996, published by the Butler Organization for Research
of the Unexplained, lists several such incidents which occurred in 1996. The
occurrences all took place during February, March and April. The incidents were
reported from Butler, Allegheny, Armstrong and Mercer Counties. The most
interesting account was reported on March 5, 1996 from Verona in Allegheny
County. According to the report a loud rumbling was heard which seemed to
originate from the sky. It was strong enough to cause pictures and small items to
vibrate off the table, and the house vibrated as well.

A Major UFO encounter

The following article was printed in the BORU Journal, No.2, Fall 1996 published
by the Butler Organization for Research of the Unexplained.

September 10 - 11, 1996 - Butler, PA/ Butler Twp., PA Butler County: One of the
most major UFO related events ever to occur in Western Pennsylvania, this
multiple witness sighting took place in the city of Butler and around Butler
Township. A chronology of this astounding event is as follows:

8:15 PM - The initial reports received by BORU came from 10 individuals on Main
St. in Butler. The witnesses at this location report seeing a bright light which was
described as a bright star or planet. After a few minutes, a large triangular-
shaped object became visible. The object had five "window" structures with the
largest one in the center. Bright yellow-white light was emanating from the
windows. Witnesses also reported seeing an additional smaller object with the
same configuration. The smaller object had the same red, blue, green and yellow
flashing lights around the perimeter. Several of the eyewitnesses viewed the
object through bincoculars. The smaller object disappeared to the East and the
larger object drifted very slowly towards the West for about 30 minutes. Next the
large object abruptly shot out a beam of white light from beneath which struck the
ground. The object slowly moved towards the West for about 45 minutes before
disappearing behind a group of trees. The object was viewed for approximately 2
hours. The eyewitnesses notified the police at approximately
8:30 PM

8:30 PM - A Pennsylvania State Constable also viewed the object while in
Lyndora, PA Butler Township. What appeared at first to be a bright star took
shape as a large triangular-shaped object drifting toward Butler City. The object
was described as having bright white lights at each of the corners and small red
and green lights towards the front. The detailed flight pattern given by the
observer denotes that the object slowly moved from the downtown Butler area to
the intersection of PA 8 and McCalmont Rd. From there the object moved
towards East Butler then back across Butler city towards the West. The entire
duration of this sighting lasted approximately 40 minutes.

9:05 PM - Several eyewitnesses reported that the police had a serious interest in
the object. Individuals who monitor public safety radio transmissions in and around
the Butler area report to BORU that police were dispatched to the tier parking
garage in Butler city to get a better look at the object. While at the garage,
officers reported looking at the object through binoculars and reporting to the
dispatcher. The dispatcher by her own admission over the radio reported receiving
numerous phone calls concerning the object. At approximately 9:10 PM , the
object shot a beam of light at the officers on the roof of the tier parking garage.
The frenzied officers reported the unusual light beam back to the dispatcher.

9:15 PM - Several witnesses report seeing a triangular object shoot beams of
light toward the ground. The event was witnessed from a parking lot at a shopping
center near the near the intersection of PA 356 and PA 68.

12:00 AM - At this time, the police interest is immense. The object suddenly
reappears and is spotted by several individuals including police officers at the
intersection of PA 356 and North Duffy Rd. Witnesses report that the object
moved toward the West and disappeared over the Moraine State Park area.

3:00 AM - The object reappeared a third time and approximately 25 individuals
viewed the object from a restaurant on PA 356. Reports from several of the
witnesses state that the triangular-shaped object had bright white lights at each
corner and periodically moved slowly and hovered as it moved from a SW to NE
direction. The sighting lasted approximately 30 minutes.

Sept 11, 1996 - Butler Twp, PA Butler County: An individual reported seeing an
object hover over his neighbor's house for several minutes. The description of the
object was identical to the object seen the previous night. The sighting occurred at
2:35 AM and the witness reported the sighting to the police shortly afterward.

Possible UFO Landing?

           UFO Incident In Oakland Township Butler Pennsylvania

March 1990
To the north, in the rolling hills of Butler County, On 63 acres that used to be farm
land. Now it's become a playground for dirt bikers and motorcyclists who trespass
and run trails through the woods and over
the fields. Even when the weather is cold, the rough road gets its share of lovers
and drinkers.

It was on the afternoon of March 8th 1990, that some cyclists pulled in and
continued the drinking they'd started elsewhere. They swear today that what they
saw had nothing to do with alcohol. And all they will ever say they saw was this:
An object or maybe more than one object came out of the sky. They left. Fast.
That night, word reached a local bar that something strange happened up on the
hill. One man was so curious that around midnight he drove to the area and, by
the light of his car headlights, he found a series of rings burned into the grass. He
says that his hair literally stood straight up on end. The nine marks in the ground
were more oval than circular, and each was about eight feet wide. The blackened
grass seemed slippery to the touch, not brittle, and there was no burnt smell.

Within a few days, investigators went to the site. Just as the daylight was fading,
a strange light could be seen in the darkening sky. Some stars were already out in
the fairly clear evening. The strange light to the east was not a star. Nor did it look
like an airplane. At first the object could be seen through the trees. When the
object reached the tree line it became stationary. It was definitely not an airplane
or helicopter.

Witnesses began videotaping the hovering object. They called it a UFO because
any flying object that is not readily identified is entitled to that terminology.
Witnesses describe the UFO as being nearly twenty times larger than a star. It
had an intense yellowish light with pinkish orange hues. It bounced slightly up and
down and appeared to wobble slightly. It hovered at the tree line until 7:34pm,
seemed to blink out for a second, then it came back on. It quickly diminished in
size and brightness. The object appeared to look somewhat like a child's top
encircled by a ring. It appeared to spin and hover. It was later determined that it
was not a conventional type of aircraft, nor a small planet.

The question still remains: What was it?
This story isn't science fiction. The circles were examined and photographed. The
flying object was observed by at least eight people and videotaped on three
camcorders. The incident was unusual enough that the videotape was later shown
in a segment of the television show, "A Current Affair."

The fact is, worldwide, there are thousands of sightings of unexplained
phenomena every year everything from Bigfoot to crop circles to UFOs. And
the sightings tend to be consistent. Saucer sightings from around the world are
often remarkably similar in detail. Are they hallucinations? Hysteria? Results of an
electromagnetic field?

Fanciful scenarios concocted by people seeking attention? Misunderstood natural
phenomena'? All are possibilities, but there are still many cases that simply don't
appear to have any explanation, at least none that coincides with what we
consider normal behavior.
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